feel free to adopt any of the following phrases/words if you'd like to be confusing af
  1. "Killing two Ravens with one Simone"
    I somehow use this so frequently you'd be surprised how many killing 2 birds with one stone situations come up in my life. Thanks for that one Very Mary Kate.
  2. "Sounds gouda like the cheese"
    I reply with "sounds good" far too often so I like to spice it up a bit
  3. "Feeling so Nicholas SarCozy"
    Gilmore Girls by the fire with a cup of cocoa makes me feel so Nicholas Sarcozy
  4. "Put your sass in your back pocket". Or "Sassquatching"
  5. "Shroup"
    Used to describe something pathetic/wispy. Inspired by my mother thinking Snoop Dog was in fact called Shroup Dog. The definition of "Shroup" is in no way affiliated with Snoop Dog (I love snoop dog)