I had to read a book for my 18th century manners class and it was incredible and full of wisdom
  1. Evelina is the story of a young lady's entrance into society
  2. She is low in birth but is so full of virtue and sensibility as to make every single goddamn male character in this novel fall in love with her
  3. She attends her first ball and acts with impropriety.
    Moral #1: you may not reject a man's offer to dance and then later accept another man's offer just because man #1 is a "foppish rake" and man #2 is hot
  4. She meets the virtuous Lord Orville and Sir Clement Willoughby (as his name implies he's creepy af)
  5. Mr MacKenzie finds out the woman he's in love with is.. his long lost sister
    Also he stabs a man in a duel who turns out to be his father. But it's ok because his dad lives and he learns that he shouldn't stab people just in case they turn out to be his relatives
  6. Syyyyyke Evelina is his long lost sister and that other girl is an imposter who grew up in a convent
    Mr MacKenzie obvs marries imposter convent girl because she's no longer his sister pheww
  7. Blah blah blah solicitude blah blah blah impropriety
  8. "I do beseech you Sir Willoughby you freaking pedo" -page 328
  9. Evelina is a woman of sensibility and when said sensibility is affected she becomes very pale and ill and must make haste to Bath to take the waters
  10. Her poor and uncouth relatives take Lord Orvill's carriage under Evelina's name. She must henceforth write him a letter offering her deepest apologies and sign said letter "your most humble and obedient servent"
    Lesson #2: a lady must NEVER start a correspondence with a man unless they are engaged to be married
  11. Evelina and Lord Orville are engaged to be married
    She is now flush with that sweet Orville $$ and she deserves it because she's a lady of sensibility
  12. The end
    Bonus lesson: solicitude is a fun word