I still have no idea what I witnessed
  1. The bus I take is filled 50% with students and 50% with the type of people who should be arrested for public urination
    While waiting in line for this very bus a man in line walks across the street and very publicly urinated in front of the entire bus line
  2. I got on the bus last night and look over to see a very strange older woman
  3. She's sitting next to some random guy and I suddenly glance over and realize she's started rubbing his knee
    Like a lot. An inappropriate amount of knee rubbing
  4. I'm literally watching them through the reflection in the window. He's staring ahead and she keeps trying to hold his hand
    It's equally disturbing and hilarious. But I've never been more uncomfortable in my life
  5. Then she's running her fingers through his hair and stroking his beard
    And he's trying to move his head but she's really holding on tight to his facial hair.
  6. But why isn't he getting up and just leaving??? I'm so perplexed and I can't stop staring at them
    Also she's been stroking his beard for at least 10 minutes
  7. Then she starts talking to him and he's just staring straight ahead not engaging
    I sadly couldn't make out what she was saying but I caught the words "insurance" and "taxes"???
  8. I've never been quite so perplexed in my entire existence
  9. Then he looks at her and starts talking to her
  10. And I'm like wait was I reading this wrong the whole time do they know each other????
    This is adding LAYERS to this saga
  11. Then they both get off at the same bus stop and I'm like wait ARE THEY A COUPLE????
    But like a crazy couple where she's insanely in love with him and he's secretly filing for divorce??
  12. At this point I'm convinced they must be a couple but as they get off the bus they each leave in the opposite direction???!!!
  13. The fact that this saga has no context will forever haunt me
    Like do they even know each other?? That's literally all I want to know