The thoughts of a guy who pulls the fire alarm as a "prank" every morning at 4am

When I lived on campus in a dorm almost every day at 4am the fire alarm would go off and we'd have to run outside in the freezing cold in our pj's. We later found out a real dumb dumb from another dorm was coming into ours to pull our alarm as a "prank". These were probably his thoughts:
  1. I feel like I need to do something memorable
  2. Something with a lasting impact that we'll all remember when we look back on our time in university
  3. I don't have a lot of talents or hobbies though
  4. One time a kid in my high school pulled our fire alarm and everyone thought it was hilarious and he made a lot of friends
  5. I don't have friends. I'd like to have some friends I think
  6. So I'll pull the fire alarm and then everyone will run outside and I'll make friends
  7. They say that to make a friend you have to find common interests. Our common interests will have to do with this fire alarm
  8. I'm so clever
  9. Now I have to pick a good time
  10. Well, I have class until 6pm, then I'm gonna want to eat dinner and maybe take a nap. I also have to study for that bio test. Maybe tonight isn't the best night for an alarm. You know what, I haven't gone out in a while. I owe this to myself. I'll do it tonight and study tomorrow night.
  11. I'll set my alarm for 3:30am which should give me enough time to lie in bed for a bit and maybe write mom and dad that letter I've been meaning to send them. I'm so tired though and I'll have to be up again at 7am for class. This plan requires a lot of my time and commitment
  12. OK it's almost 4am, let's go make some friends!
  13. You know what, I didn't really make friends this time because people seemed just really tired and livid but my gran always told me that if I persevere and keep on keepin on then I'll achieve my dreams
  14. I wish there was an easier way to make friends. I really want a friend.