The time we (almost) lost our car in Harry Potter World

it wasn't even our car, it was a rental
  1. My dad and I went to Harry Potter world in Universal Studios and we lost our car
    Harry Potter world was the most magical experience of my life so it was worth it (I think?)
  2. We were so pumped for butterbeer that we forgot to check where we had parked the car...
    In a 6 floor car park with thousands of cars. We were looking for a black car... in a sea of thousands of black cars
  3. After 45 minutes we called security and one guy came on a golf cart and another on a bike
  4. They lazily walkie talkie'd someone who didn't answer and then they said sorry that's all we can do
  5. The guy even refused to drive us around on his golf cart
    It's the least you can do for us, guy. How very dare you sir
  6. Finally an hour later after much soul-searching and me dramatically lying on the pavement
  7. Me upon entering the car I never thought I'd see again
  8. Moral of the story: no activity is ever worth a million hours of car-searching
    Unless it's Harry Potter World