Things I like to do to creep people out

"You're kind of a shit disturber"-my father
  1. When I'm talking to someone, instead of looking at them, I like to stare at the wall behind them
    It's really effective in creeping people the f out. It's highly unsettling. Staring at a spot on their forehead will have a similar effect
  2. I will mention the details of my colonoscopy
    When brought up at the right time, it can be really uncalled for. Actually when brought up at ANY time it's never really that called for...
  3. I exit rooms by backing out while slowly playing the Jaws themesong on the flute
  4. I recite with alarming accuracy every single detail on the life and times of Anne Shirley
  5. I like to describe with vivid imagery the effects that eating a peanut will have on my body to people I don't know very well
    I go into the whole my throat closes up and my tongue swells and I'm basically suffocating from within before I potentially die and it's a fun way to make new friends
  6. I like to fake psychoanalyze people
    When people find out I'm a psych major they jokingly ask "so do you like to analyze people" and I'm all like "hahaha no..." *takes out pen and paper* "so I presume you're a middle child?"
  7. I often bring up that scene in Greys Anatomy where the guy has a pencil stuck in his eye
    Then I proceed to give a play-by-play of that time I papercut my eye and that other time I accidentally used nail polish remover to remove my eye makeup.
  8. Before hanging up the phone I will always say "love you bye" to someone I don't know very well
    This is purely accidental