Things I'm into this month- April 2017

I like some things. inspired by @marceline. Some of these I discovered in March but have been enjoying in April
  1. The Babysitter's Club Club podcast
    The most delightful podcast I heard about from @lexie_elyse Into It list!! Two 30 year old men analyzing the Babysitter's Club children's books. They genuinely love the books and go way deep into them I'm talking Marxism, toxic masculinity, etc... Includes such classic segments as Burn Of the Week and Tearful Moments. Also the themesong is my jam
  2. The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith
    The movie Carol is based on this book. The movie was beautiful and moving and the book is now one of my favorites. A book about a lesbian romance in the 1950s that doesn't end tragically??? It's breathtaking and I cried a lot.
  3. Pins!!
    A Winnie the Pooh and a Sylvia Plath pin! Two VERY different but equally cherished pins
  4. Broadchurch season 3 return!
    I missed the Miller/Hardy bants and Hardy's immensely Scottish accent. I also missed the classic dramatique shots of the sea that make me wonder if it's a British soap opera? Every single character is shadyyy. Here for it 👏👏
  5. This beautiful jewelry box
    I have always wanted a jewelry box like this one since I was little but I never mentioned it to anyone. For my birthday this year my best friend bought it for me at a vintage store and I cried a lot. Peep the ring storage drawer
  6. Matzah crack
    It's called crack for a reason lemme tell ya. Matzah covered in chocolate and caramel and it's the only thing I willingly eat during Passover besides Matzah pizza
  7. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
    It now only takes me 30 seconds to remove my makeup. Also clinique makes me feel like a classy/elderly dame