Things I wrote in my diary as a child

I learned that as a child I was very wise and also a little shit.
  1. "I probably failed verb test. Oh well"
    This still resonates with me
  2. "I can't even think about the next unit. Reproduction in animals (gross). It includes some humain reproduction (tips)"
    I think I was secretly looking forward to the "humain reproduction tips"
  3. I am now an English major.
  4. "We made sculptures. We had to make busts. Doesn't bust mean boobs"
    I've always had an enquiring mind
  5. I have a section of my diary entitled "rate this couple"
    I was a very harsh rater.
  6. Another section entitled "now about my enemies"
    Shit got real here
  7. "Those three probably hate us cause there jelouse of ous. They are so low on the popularity scale"
    I was a little bitch. I also couldn't spell
  8. "I've realized that if a guy likes you its hard not to like them back"
    I was very wise
  9. "Shes always on MSN. It's not nice"
    The amount of entries I have pertaining to MSN is staggering
  10. Me writing about my last day of elementary school: "I didn't say goodbye to anyone because I was looking for my slap on watch"
  11. "It's the summer! schools out. The only thing I'm sad about is that I lost my slap on watch :("
    OK I get it the slap on watch was great but did I constantly have to be talking about it.
  12. "How you can make a smoothie: put ingredients in blender. Press smoothie button. If your blender doesn't have a smoothie button well that's just too bad for you"
    Those are the sassiest smoothie making instructions I've ever seen. Like I said, I was a little shit
  13. "Mom says I have to stop thinking about people's negative side. She says I always do it"
    Literally the greatest words of wisdom my mother has ever given me. My entire diary was just me bitching about every single one of my classmates for no reason
  14. Under reasons why I disklike this girl I simply wrote "she is all the mean things u can imagin"
    Wow way to be ambiguous. Also this girl sounds like the worst