Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

I'm a sucker for lists (as most people on this app are)
  1. My name is Allison.
    . Al, Alli, Bitch, and Bump ( a family name) are also names I will respond to.
  2. I should have been a mermaid.
    I love the water. It is my happy place. I feel most at home when I am swimming in the crystal clear water
  3. Lady Liberty is my homegirl.
    I live for American history. I am proud to be proficient in the history of my country. I love this land.
  4. I'm one of those dog moms
    I have three that I think of as my children. Bella is a year old. Lady is 7 and Sheba is the grand dame at 17!
  5. I'm a loyal friend.
    Everyone needs someone who will stand by them through thick and thin. I'm that person.
  6. I love to travel
  7. My favorite place on earth is St John USVI. It's where I really long to be.