I will move there one day!
  1. Island time
    Obviously the pace is a bit slower in the islands. People stop to talk to each other and don't care if they cause a small traffic jam.
  2. Driving in the left side
    I never knew I would enjoy driving on the opposite side of the road. I felt empowered in my little jeep.
  3. The animals
    There are birds, deer, iguanas, donkeys, goats, cats and dogs. That's just on land! They are everywhere and are as much a part of the island as the people.
  4. The scenery
    Breathtaking. It literally took my breath away. Everywhere you go in the island, there is a view
  5. The water
    I'm a fish. I live for the water and This island has the best! There are so many different beaches to explore.
  6. It soothes my soul
    Just being there calms me down. All my worries are gone. It's where I really long to be.