1. 7:42 am, 84 degrees. Saw a pint of "The Tonight Dough" at a gas station (went into store section because I was sweating) and decided to try a few spoonfuls before I got back to driving
    Good! If I hadn't been driving alone, I would have had my companion hold it and spoon feed me the rest
  2. 9:18 am, 86 degrees. Arrive at boyfriend's new apartment with air conditioning they realized did not work today. Get notification that Postmates is offering free cookie dough ice cream.
    Order and then pass out. Woken up to a delicious cup and fall back asleep.
  3. 12 pm, 90 degrees. Agree to walk to Bubby's for brunch while half asleep. When I realize this trickery, I demand to stop at Genuine Superette for the toasted brioche filled with Oddfellows buttermilk blueberry honey ice cream with honey caramel and cornflake crunch
    Holy shit.
  4. 12:30 pm, 91 degrees. Stole a bar table to avoid waiting and baking in the sun.
    No ice cream at this meal. Had good grits though!
  5. 2:30 pm, 92 degrees. REALIZED ITS NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!
    Called Ice and Vice to find out flavors, then Morgensterns to compare. Ice and Vice won with "9 am," "Basic B," and "Movie Night," which all combine too many wonderful things to list.
  6. 8:08 pm, 88 degrees. Nervous I didn't do it right without knowing the entire day..strategically plan dinner around getting ice cream sandwich at Maman afterwards.
    8:18 pm, wrote this list!