1. Neil's Donuts 8:30 am
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    Carrot cake cream cheese bomb muffin. Best damn glazed donut I've ever had. Maple donut. Boston cream donut. Chocolate glazed with sprinkles donut. Cinnamon maple crumble donut. (Ate a lot before thinking to document, as it should be.) 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough iced coffee
    Sounds gross (to you, probably...honestly sounded amazing to me), tastes like the most scrumptious roll of raw cookie dough magically transformed into a caffeinated beverage. Also at Neil's Donuts, but needed it's own spot on the list.
  3. Salted caramel iced coffee
    Only got to have half of this because it was not mine but I couldn't stop. Neil, I will be returning for the tiramisu, butter pecan, and more classic hazelnut and vanilla flavors.
  4. Smyth's Dairy Farm 10:00 am
    I HATE milk. But this chocolate milk was what I imagine ambrosia to taste like. Coffee milk as well. Farmer's cheese. "Milk cookies" that were off-putting in a delicious way...
  5. I didn't eat any meat but I pet the cows
    They smelled. The meat looked good but was too close in proximity.
  6. The hostage I took on this trip with cows. He will not let me open the cherry yogurt I bought in the car.
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  7. Secretly ate the yogurt. 10:15 am
    How to distract people with podcasts will be the topic of a later list...
  8. Entire tin of maple cream. Small container of granulated sugar, plain. 1 bag of maple taffy. 4 maple sugar drop candies. (Basically everything available at Parker's Maple Sugar House) 11:55 am
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    I am shamelessly–proudly even–addicted to sugar, particularly of the brown or maple variety. I bought and consumed every product sold at this Mecca. They make everything they sell on the premises and have tours and activities!
  9. I couldn't decide which format of maple leaf-shaped candy I wanted. 12:20 pm
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    So I got both
  10. This is deep fried French toast. 1:00 pm
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    Abomination or revelation? This is from Parker's Maple Barn, the restaurant component of the Sugar House.
  11. Also in the same sitting: Maple baby back ribs. Cinnamon maple cream cheese stuffed French toast. Vermont cheddar cheese fries.
    Not sure if it was smart to visit the store before lunch but if this weekend doesn't celebrate overeating in America then what good is it? Maple baby back ribs. Home fries with maple cream.
  12. It is only 2 PM.
    Meaning I have lots of room for evening snack and dinner.
  13. Trying to find something acceptable in my car on which to serve myself a jar of gingered rhubarb jam from Parker's...
    So far I got a mini Kit-Kat and personal size bag of what I guess is the Duane Reade knock off brand for skinny pop?