Inspired by @sophia
  1. I stopped being allergic to stone fruits.
    Has this ever happened to anyone? Complete game changer!
  2. I started being allergic to dairy.
  3. I semi-moved to the suburbs.
    Realized I would prefer it to be a full move. I <3 strip malls.
  4. I staged a coup and took over my mom's closet.
    Self-indulgent, but better received than temporary storage in my brother's room while he was at college...also prevented me from using our entire apartment as my personal shelf. So everyone won.
  5. I became a teacher!
    Shaping the minds of America's youth and only being reachable to students by Twitter (@msrosensays if you're trying to relearn geography)
  6. I found out that I was narcoleptic (and felt avenged).
    See earlier lists
  7. I decided I loved driving.
    And I even learned how to drive stick. Sometimes I drive my Volvo in sport mode because I hear that's a cool thing to do
  8. I started checking to make sure I had a pen before leaving the house.
  9. I started wearing low heels during the day.
    No one believes me but it is MORE comfortable as I am a tiny person with all sorts of back/leg extension stuff...
  10. I decided to wait to look at my phone until my lunch break.
    Wouldn't say anyone has benefitted from this, definitely miss some relevant work/friend/family updates that happened while I was sleeping and during the morning...but it makes for a very zen-like wake up!
  11. Enabled the subject line section of iMessage.
    Much like this list point and caption feature, it divides information in a layout ideal for comprehension.
  12. I got into podcasts instead of the radio.
  13. I gave my students their own sticky notes to "babysit" and use for independent reading.
    Inspired by all movies that imply there was, at one point, a class in American high schools where you were required to hash out deep personal and interpersonal issues with classmates as you carried around a baby doll for a week. BUT I was wrong! Kids will work to meet the expectations you set, my classes are excelling and are almost too responsible with their post-it's...and I love not passing them out.
  14. I discovered laser hair removal.
    Almost forgot this cornerstone of my young adult life