Ranked from most to least impressive, according to me.
  1. The Colosseum
    Yes, the actual COLOSSEUM. One of my more "carefree" (read: unemployed) friends met a young man/Roman Prince/model, rode on the backseat of his Vespa for a week and then ended the trip by sneaking into the colosseum where they fornicated in an ancient amphitheater, seduced by the aphrodisiacs of dead gladiators under the Flavian Dynasty. I went to the colosseum when I was 15 and one of the photo-op gladiators accidentally sprayed an entire bottle of coke on my face.
  2. One person kayak
  3. Al Sharpton's office bathroom
  4. Airplane seats
    Two versions of this: 1. Actual sex on airplane seats (using a blanket as a barrier? I wish I remembered the details) 2. Casual make out with a stranger that happened mid flight. This was a 9 hour flight no less so can you imagine the breath that must have been involved? There was also over the pants groping involved but no blanket usage. I asked a lot of questions about this. Does this seem worth it to you???
  5. Backseat of a Mini Cooper
    How a person even drives comfortably in this child-size vehicle bewilders me. Why would
  6. Powder room during an ugly sweater themed Christmas party
    Much more impressed by the turn on factor despite the sweaters, rather than the actual location.
  7. Roof
  8. Roof of a car
    Sorry but just not as big of a drop as a normal roof. Assumed the car was not moving.
  9. Behind the Genius Bar at the Apple Store
    If you're one of those people who always find themselves saying, "What are they DOING back there?" This is your answer.
  10. Ski chairlift
  11. On stage at a comedy show
    Unclear if audience was aware or if they had their eyes closed or if they just thought it was a joke.
  12. Dressing room
  13. Airplane bathroom
  14. Backseat of a normal-person sized car
  15. Parents' bed
    Unless your parents reside in an Elysium-style space station that only the top 7 percent of earth's population has been invited to escape to and preserve our civilization. Tell someone else about this one.