After many traumatic years of being told I'm just a "peaceful person" who can fall asleep in any situation...a sleep study proved them wrong!! Apparently I had the happiest reaction to this diagnosis the doctor had ever seen. (Inspired by @lenadunham Signs That Something is Sort of Up with You...something was definitely up with me)
  1. You go to a super duper tres chic hipster fancy lounge restaurant in Paris and fall asleep the minute someone speaks to you.
  2. You wake up standing in the front row of ballet class while your constantly hangry teacher asks if she's boring you.
    On the contrary, I found her kind of entertaining in a sad way.
  3. You miss a multi-course meal in a boisterous restaurant made even more absurdly loud by this confusing "cave style" echo situation.
  4. Please keep in mind that these are all SOBER incidents.
    I think that makes it much more legitimate/terrible/amazing.
  5. You go missing on a hike in the mountains of the Czech Republic and you are found here.
  6. Once again, lost and found...asleep. This time at an unforgivable Flo Rider concert (I think there was a really good opener I wanted to see?)
    Not mad about sleeping through some of this.
  7. Oh look another hike I enjoyed
    The classic Blackberry photo quality really shows the longevity of this condition.
  8. You wake up in 12th grade AP English because the "chill" teacher wanted to teach you a humorous lesson after you fell asleep in your 10th grade class the period before
    In retrospect, he had no chill at all
  9. Your wake up face shows both massive regret and anticipation that it will all happen again
  10. No one gives it a second thought when they see this
    Just noticing the rain boots wow that looks uncomfortable.
  11. You fall asleep at the dentist every time, no matter what they're doing.
    No one believes you.
  12. Long after diagnosis and graduation, you receive a message inquiring whether this was you, featured on a blog of people sleeping in the Columbia library...
    And it was, indeed.
  13. You have an UNTOUCHABLE excuse. For everything.