When someone throws you that questionable phrase, just think...
  1. Do you have to talk?
  2. Do you have to do something physical?
  3. Do you have something on your mind that's distracting you?
  4. Is there somewhere else you'd rather be?
  5. Do you have to remember a lot of stuff?
  6. Are you a royal heir in the public eye being watched every waking moment?
  7. What are people's expectations of you?
  8. What if you don't meet those expectations?!
    Oh, the PRESSURE.
  9. Are you hungry and there isn't food?
  10. What facial expression are you aiming for?
  11. Are you a host or responsible for another individual?
  12. Are you a guest or stranger to others surrounding you?
  13. Are people asking you questions?
  14. Do you have a blister?
  15. What does your dog think?
  16. What do your parents think?
  17. If you answered yes, or by panicking, to any of these questions...then showing up is not the hardest part! You can do it!
    But maybe don't.