Things to do when you think someone might try to start a conversation with you

For severe occasions
  1. Pretend you are adding something up by counting your fingers and mouthing numbers while staring at the ceiling
  2. Make faces at your phone like you just got a shocking text or are reading something important
  3. Blink very slowly like you could fall asleep at any second
  4. Hold your fist to your mouth, then flatten your hand and hold your palm to your chest like you might throw up. Repeat until the conversationalist retrieves.
  5. Act like you are already having a conversation with someone on the other side of the room but they can't quite understand what you're trying to say so you have to repeat over and over again.
  6. Pretend you're in a very grumpy mood and look people up and down as they walk by
  7. Slap your pockets and sigh like you forgot something. Get up and walk away.
  8. Hold the bottom of your phone to your ear while plugging the other like you're trying to listen to something
  9. Bury your face in your hands like you have a migraine or you've just made a terrible mistake
  10. Start coughing without covering your mouth