Things to worry about when using "stress relieving" adult coloring books

Super dramatic points, probably not that relatable
  1. Perfectly coloring inside the lines that are waaay too abundant and waaay too close together
  2. Using one colored pencil more than the others so that it becomes shorter than the rest
  3. Satisfyingly finishing one part of the picture after 10 minutes and realizing you only colored a small fraction of the entire thing
  4. Getting so frustrated that you'll never want to attempt any form of art ever again
  5. Knowing that adult coloring books were made to help you relax but they only stress you out more, and you're now questioning if you're mentally stable
  6. Not wanting to pick up the dang coloring book ever again but not being able to sleep at night knowing you haven't finished a page
  7. Thinking you have a great coloring strategy in mind but it ends up looking like horse sh*t on paper
  8. Knowing that you have wasted twelve dollars on a trendy thing you thought would be fun but ruined your life instead