just everyday things on boston's best public transportation, MBTA. for reference, I mostly ride the green b line.
  1. a girl taking a picture on snapchat of another passenger using her front facing camera facing him...
    it was so obvious, I noticed. He noticed. Very uncomfortable. The girl ran away and got off at the next stop.
  2. a lawyer having a conversation with his client on the phone that they were going to lose their case and a bad man was walking free
    ever heard of the rules of professional responsibility?! you don't have those conversations on the T!
  3. a woman eating a whole baked potato at 8 am.
    just weird.
  4. someone cutting their nails
    this has happened multiple times... just no.
  5. someone asked me a legal question because they saw my contract drafting book.
    I'm only a law student! I can't give out legal advice. I also don't know everything with your five second brief of the facts.
  6. sleeping people
    always multiple people sleeping no matter what time of day it is.
  7. a man causally drinking a Budweiser
    no attempt to hide the fact that he is drinking on public transportation.
  8. some guy grinding his weed and then rolling a joint...
    so casual no fucks given.
  9. a girl eating sunflower seeds and spitting the shells onto the floor
    so disgusting.