When they find out that we're actually in a deeply committed relationship, they're going to be PSYCHED.
  1. Grant Gustin
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    He ran with lightening speed into my heart.
  2. Louis Tomlinson
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    The reason I refer to tea as "a nice cuppa." Milk, no sugar. It's the Tommo way.
  3. Taylor Hanson
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    When he sings I can feel it in my mmmbop.
  4. John Krasinski
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    Emily who? Bring that skinny, dorky ass over here.
  5. Harry Styles
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    There is only One Direction, and that is into my bedroom.
  6. Max Adler
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    An underrated man. I'm banking on the fact that most people don't know him.
  7. Aladdin
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    He can show me a whole new world any day.