I mean, I won't take you seriously. But other people might. [ Warning: this list is #basicAF & may cause readers to lose their faith in humanity ]
  1. miz
    = miserable, i.e. "I can't believe he dumped you - you must be SO miz."
  2. sui ("sue-ee")
    = suicide, not used literally, i.e. "I will seriously commit sui if Kim and Kanye breakup."
  3. maj(e) ("mage")
    = major, i.e. "This party is gonna be maj - everyone is going."
  4. amaze
    = amazing, i.e. "Oh my god, you look amaze!"
  5. skinz
    = skinny, i.e. "You're so skinz, I can see your rib cage! That's hot."
  6. gorge
    = gorgeous, i.e. "You look gorge. He's gonna be all over you."
  7. hidé(y) ("hid-ay")
    = hideous, i.e. "Ew she is so hidé."
  8. tradish ("truh-dish")
    = traditional, i.e. "We go on spring break together every year, it's tradish!"
  9. supes
    = super, i.e. "Aww you guys are supes adorbs!"
  10. adorbs
    = adorable, see above
  11. forevs
    = forever, i.e. "Hey girl, it's been forevs! We must grab dins."
  12. dins
    = dinner, most commonly used when no such dinner will take place, see above
  13. Obvi there are more abbrevs so I'm totes gonna have to extend this ridic list, but unfortch I have to go help my friend with her relaysh troubz by taking her out for a scrumptch brunch. ✌🏼️😘🍴😜🐸🐵💁🏼❤️💜💛💚💙✨🎎👑💃🏻🎉🔥👻💩