Lindaisms [Shit My Mom Says]

Words or phrases my mom (Linda) has made up or used incorrectly. I guess that's a nice way of putting it.
  1. "That's a whole other bowl of cherries"
  2. "Oh twist my wrist"
  3. "I'm gonna go on the ellipsis" or "episcopal"
    Both mistakenly used to refer to an "elliptical" at the gym
  4. "Oh that's in a whole other dementia"
    Not cool
  5. "He really came out of the closet this year"
    Meaning to say he "came out of his shell" - referring to my very hetero brother
  6. "The Poker"
    You know, the villain in the Batman movies
  7. "Home Depot"
    Showtime's hit show with Claire Danes
  8. "They live in Casablanca"
  9. "Did you watch The Partnership with James Franco?"
    "The Interview"
  10. "Who's playing Amy Winehouse?"
    After seeing the trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary
  11. 401K
    When you get extended time on tests in high school
  12. "I loved Molly Blum in Bridesmaids"
    Maya Rudolph
  13. "We're watching NCIS: Tulane"
    = "NCIS: New Orleans"
  14. "Drives and Diamonds"
    aka "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives"
  15. "Can I get 2 bagels: a regular and a plain?"
  16. "Beach corrosion"
  17. "Acid influx"
  18. "The shoe is reversed!"
    Or, on the other foot. Same thing.
  19. "Do we have W2-40? My closet door is squeaking."
    Gets rid of squeaks and gives you a full accounting of how much money you made. (Thanks dad)
  20. "Pope's personal creature"
  21. Von Trapp's first name? "Captain"
  22. Tuesday before Good Friday? "Oh I know this one. Ash Wednesday!"
  23. To be continued...