1. The Hunger Games
    First movie was amazing. Only book I read. I think I saw the 2nd movie. Idk after that. Seems legit.
  2. That scratch on my glasses lens
    They say it's gonna make my eyesight worse.
  3. Reading Deadline
  4. Going out on Friday nights
  5. Using capital letters on gmail
    If it's not auto, it's not happening. Unless it's like an "usted" formal situation.
  6. Censoring myself
  7. What my hair looks like at work
  8. Whether or not it's legal to smoke a joint while I walk anywhere
  9. Making an effort with hashtagging
  10. Missing shit
    FOMO left me broke. But hey no ragrets.
  11. Whether or not you can sense my sarcasm in conversation
    Just stop being offended and this will all be easier.