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Today I turned 19! And my family and friends did NOT skimp on treats
  1. 2 pints of ice cream
    Delivered last night as a gift from my dad. Caramel cookie cheesecake and mint chocolate chip
  2. 2 mini cheesecakes
    Also from dad. Chocolate and raspberry marzipan
  3. 1 giant slice of PB&J cake
    My final treat from Dad. He went all out this year for sweets, the best kind of present if I'm being honest
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  1. Took a four question test
    Which gave me an excuse to do nothing for the rest of the day because hey, I took a test!
  2. Ate 4 large meals with plenty of snacks in between
    Probably ate enough for three people (or ate the equivalent of three people)
  3. Ran lines with my roommates in what can only be called a shameful attempt at an accent
    Still not sure what I was going for
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  1. There are about 10 places to get $1 pizza just down the street
  2. Staring at tourists/watching double decker tour buses go by
    I feel extra fabulous then, because I am living proof to these people that you can make it in the city (although I don't feel that glamorous because I'm walking to class slightly annoyed and freezing)
  3. I live on 5th Avenue
    I never get tired of telling people this, as it is the only time in my life where this will be possible. So suck it up, bitches
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