Today I turned 19! And my family and friends did NOT skimp on treats
  1. 2 pints of ice cream
    Delivered last night as a gift from my dad. Caramel cookie cheesecake and mint chocolate chip
  2. 2 mini cheesecakes
    Also from dad. Chocolate and raspberry marzipan
  3. 1 giant slice of PB&J cake
    My final treat from Dad. He went all out this year for sweets, the best kind of present if I'm being honest
  4. Gift box of insomnia cookies
    From my mom. 18 huge cookies. Warm, delicious, and heavenly
  5. Starbucks caramel coffee and a cake pop
    From my friend Natasha, who bought me my first ever Starbucks holiday cup
  6. A chocolate cupcake
    A present from my friend Petra, along with the sweetest card (pun intended)
  7. Veggie pizza
    From the dining hall but piled with cheese so it was perfect
  8. Banana pudding
    From Magnolia Bakery. Perfection in every bite, and no line at the bakery! The stars aligned to make this one happen
  9. Dumplings, pork fried rice, and duck
    Cool Chinese place on Bleecker where I stuffed my face until I could barely move
  10. I don't know how I've managed to eat all this food in one day
  11. Help