1. Took a four question test
    Which gave me an excuse to do nothing for the rest of the day because hey, I took a test!
  2. Ate 4 large meals with plenty of snacks in between
    Probably ate enough for three people (or ate the equivalent of three people)
  3. Ran lines with my roommates in what can only be called a shameful attempt at an accent
    Still not sure what I was going for
  4. Googled apartments near me and laughed because who can afford a 3-bedroom for $5,000,000???
    Seriously who? I would like to meet them
  5. Laid in bed for a significant portion of the day buried in blankets
  6. Binge watched The Office
  7. Cried 3-4 times while watching The Office finale
  8. Briefly flirted with the idea of doing homework
    More like a passing fancy or a hopeful wish really
  9. Decided to sleep after a long, hard day because "I deserve it"