1. There are about 10 places to get $1 pizza just down the street
  2. Staring at tourists/watching double decker tour buses go by
    I feel extra fabulous then, because I am living proof to these people that you can make it in the city (although I don't feel that glamorous because I'm walking to class slightly annoyed and freezing)
  3. I live on 5th Avenue
    I never get tired of telling people this, as it is the only time in my life where this will be possible. So suck it up, bitches
  4. I can get warm cookies delivered at 4am (with milk!!)
    I know this is mostly food, but like, FOOD
  5. There are always celebrities and movies being filmed
    I've seen the ghostbusters film crew and a Ralph Lauren modeling shoot just outside my window. Still working on meeting a celebrity but it WILL happen or else what's the point
  6. I'm never the weirdest person on the street
    Although on the flip side I'm never the best dressed, which is stressful
  7. DOGS
    They are everywhere and they are adorable
  8. There are so many free things to do
    Like lay in my bed and nap or watch Netflix (I'm still in college, after all)