1. The biscuit
    Assuming done correctly, perfectly crisp and buttery, the biscuit tops the list. It's savory without detracting from the substance of the sandwich
  2. The croissant
    Self explanatory - flaky and notoriously breakfasty. Sweet and reminiscent of anywhere but here
  3. The tortilla
    The tortilla generally means you're eating a burrito, and while the contents of the breakfast sandwich shouldn't effect the rankings, when something is so overwhelmingly good, you can't deny it.
  4. The bagel
    Preferably warm while not being so thick as to prevent eating without dislocating your jaw
  5. Bread
    Multigrain or wheat. The distinguishing factor between bread and the English muffin is that the English muffin is 1) small and 2) dry. Bread is large and can be quite flavorful and moist
  6. The English muffin
    This is like when kids get trophies for participating.