1. Parents should be careful how they act around their kids
  2. Is Joy really the ringleader? Joy is ever present in us?
  3. Sadness really does touch everything but have this indelible mark. WE CANT CONTROL HER. TIE DOWN PHYLISS
    Omg wait there's sadness and joy in everything
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    There's some semblance between the voices and the actors who play the voices. Like why does disgust get fashion and social advice also? @mindy. Phyllis definitely adds some dowdiness to sadness Amy Poehler = Leslie Knope = Joy
  5. I once slept in a sleeping bag on the floor for 4 months when we were doing house construction
  6. This should end with all the rest of the emotions invading joy and taking over her body like a virus
  7. I have bad dreams like this too!!!!
  8. I'm glad joy is somewhat of an intelligent character otherwise I would assume she just romanticized everything like an airhead
  10. Mustard yellow on the first day of school??? @officialmickus
    Yikes she's crying at school now
  11. "The foot is down. The foot is down" "good job gentlemen that could have been a disaster" "well that was a disaster"
  12. This is incredibly important for understanding how our moods affect others and their relationships with us. Bye goofball island.
  13. I think this movie is a little dramatic. I don't think friendship island would really sink if it was a true friendship after one "I've got to go"
  14. "When Riley was three, animals were all the rage. The cow goes moo. The horse goes neigh"
  15. I feel like Joy seeing imagination land is a way of showing that even the parts of us that know us the best, don't actually know what we're capable of
  16. I think disgust, anger, and fear are conflating that she's been unhappy in San Francisco and Joy has been MIA
  17. Sometimes we do need a good cry. Sadness is sometimes good