As a tech and startup nerd, I've never met an app I wouldn't try once. These 11 not only made the cut to stay downloaded but they also provided specific added value to my life, sometimes even daily. Big fan of improved efficiency, sharing and learning. (Disclaimer: I am not an investor in any of these products. FWIW, I'm not an investor at all. 🤓)
  1. Forevery & Google Photos
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    Forevery allows you to search all photos on your camera roll based on algorithmic tagging. Great for finding specific photo(s) and also for rediscovering images you forgot you had. Search and tags are not perfect but it's darn good functionality for a free app ➡️ Google Photos' revamp this year also allows search (not as comprehensive) and other features like GIF creation and cloud storage/sharing make it highly useful. ➡️
  2. Pinterest
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    Virtual bookmarking. I was the biggest Pinterest hater until this year. Didn’t ‘get’ it. Still don’t get it for endless pinning but it's a solid tool for specific-purpose boards. Collect and compile images from your own library, from Google image search, and from the Pinterest repository. Use case example: I made a board for kick-@&$ bangs (Alexa Chung, Caroline de Maigret, Françoise Hardy) and showed it to the hairdresser to copy. She said it was easy. No paper wasted.📍
  3. Medium
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    Beautiful blogging, simplified. I’ve never been a good blogger and I still haven’t posted to Medium but its user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing design is less intimidating than most. Great for perusing articles on specific topics, highlighting quotes, and commenting with other readers. Estimated reading times are posted at the top! Thoughtful and unique features make me bullish on the future of this content platform. Hope to publish something in 2016. ✅
  4. Unroll.Me
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    My 2015 Resolution was to unsubscribe to superfluous mail. Groundbreaking, I know! This app (recommended by a friend via Twitter) let me achieve my resolution in a new personal record - 15 minutes! You go through and decide which lists to delete, keep in inbox, or add to a daily rollup. Unroll.Me catches new subscriptions going forward so you can continue to prune the inbox. Hours, days, weeks (?!) of time saved! Less time on email 📧, more time for snail mail 💌!
  5. Insight Timer
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    Meditation was on my aspirational list of habits to acquire but this app finally got me to be consistent. It is not fancy nor visually appealing but it worked where paid apps like Headspace did not (for me at least). Totally free guided meditations and timers. There are some community features that I haven't navigated. I highly recommend daily meditation for clearing the head and living more in the present! Never thought I would be saying that. 🕉
  6. Trello
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    I love to organize, label and color-code things when I have the time. Trello serves as my daily to-do list and also helps arrange longer-term projects and goals. I have one main board for personal and one for work. Easy to use and free. Good for checklists and reminders and the mundane tasks you don't want to talk about on this app or elsewhere. I mostly use the desktop version. 💻➡️
  7. Slack
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    Communication in the workplace will never be the same! Slack’s mission is to “Kill Email.” Cross-platform service for public and private messages and channels. Everything is archived and can be searched. Integrates with plenty of other applications for file sharing and GIF inclusions. It's pretty tough to explain but once you're on it, you will never go back to old habits. Really excited for this team, they seem cool. $2.8B valuation and climbing. Well-deserved. #️⃣
  8. Podcasts
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    Serial is what got me here at the end of 2014. This American Life, Mystery Show, Invisibilia, a16z, the Tim Ferriss Show and more got me to stay all through 2015. I commute mostly via subway, bike and walking so podcasts enable me to absorb educational and entertaining content on the go. Would love tips on List appers' favorites to add to the queue! 🎧
  9. Evernote
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    Evernote is my 2nd brain. The apps are free but this year I upgraded to the $50 Premium membership because I am so thankful for their existence. Notes sync across iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Clip photos, article, websites, etc. from the internet to your notebooks. Digitize handwritten notes. Even if you don’t have an organized system, it helps to get things saved and you’ll figure out a way to find it later in Evernote. I use it daily (hourly?) for work & personal. 🐘
  10. The List App
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    This one is obvious but I’ll add my bit: an open community, a wide variety of useful, playful, emotional content, and simplicity of design. All of the best features for a hole-in-one app ⛳️. Thanks @bjnovak @dev + everyone who’s brought @list to life! Cheers to 2016! Xo PS @PBS's take is on point: The Best Things About the List App Are:. PPS I'm not making a top app list to post on other apps and putting them 1st. @list really is #1. 📝🏆