This list has been in production for the past 4+ years. Back in 2011, my sister @ameliagrace bet me I cannot publish a book by August 2016. I've been saving chapter and book title ideas ever since with no consensus on which to write about. Let me know if any sound worthy! 🙈👓📝📓📚
  1. Help! I'm Allergic To My Handbag
    When you've grown up with bad allergies but still lust after vintage fur
  2. Uneven Tanlines, and Other White Girl Woes
    When you try to be conscious and apply sunscreen but you end up with abstract shapes of lobster red against stark white
  3. Dinner Party: A How-To Guide for the Modern Host(ess)
    When you use dinner parties as a euphemism for getting your life together
  4. Diet Starts Tomorrow (and Ends on Friday)
    "It's not about when the diet starts. It's when the 'diet' ends that matters." On failed experiments with gluten free, paleo, slow carb, et al
  5. Typos That Ruined My Life
    I can't think of any now but the title seemed universal at the time
  6. My iPhone thinks I'm British and Other Musings
    When you're inadvertently texting your friends and family about going to the movie theatre, cancelling plans, realising something profound, favourite colours, etc. Odd stories of autocorrect and reflections on growing up in the digital age.
  7. The Vices
    On growing up as 1/7th of the Catholic Irish/Italian Vice(nzi) family. 5 kids, 2 parents, 2 dogs, countless dead goldfish, and a whole lot of fun along the way.
  8. The CEO of Balenciaga Took My Hot Pink Wrench
    When you give a last-minute 3D printing demonstration to some of the most influential businesspeople in fashion and one snags your favorite demo print. Chapter could be about people's absurd work moments. Makes you look back and think "Huh? How did I get here? Am I even enjoying this?"
  9. D-I-Y I Oughta
    Since at least the age of 5, when I received a McDonald's Apple Pie Maker, I've loved to make things myself. Easy Bake Oven, Creepy Crawlers, Bedazzler, sewing machines and many other machines and tools have helped me develop an "I can do that!" attitude and while it sometimes brings about frustration, I encourage everyone to try making stuff to develop grit and confidence. Huzzah!
  10. SOS! My Leather Jacket is Attacking Me
    Another misadventure in a life full of fashion faux pas
  11. Life By Misadventure: Following Your Guts Instead of a Map
    Speaking of misadventures, I quite liked the idea of sharing what happens when you go somewhere with no advance planning and over time start nondeliberately living your life more like that
  12. Overwhelmed & That's OK: 100+ Tidbits from an Overstimulated Twentysomething, In No Particular Order
    Advice and quotes and reflections from the past 26 years of trying to figure out this so-called life
  13. Keeping Up With the Jetsons
    Forget the Joneses and the Kardashians, this chapter would be about experimenting with technology both in and out of work. I stole the phrase from an old MakerBot sticker. 3D printers, Oculus Rift, autonomous cars, oh my!
  14. {To be continued...}