questions repeatedly on my mind when making decisions or feeling stuck

the subject matter is left intentionally vague, as these questions can apply to most any topic, project, or goal. presented in no particular order:
  1. who is this for? what is it for?
  2. what is realistic? how long will it take?
  3. what is the best i can do with what i have?
  4. what is the next step?
  5. does this matter? why? (repeat 'why' 6 times...does the reason hold up?)
  6. is this "good enough?" says who? how will i know when i am "done" (ship or cut)?
  7. is there a bigger/harder/better decision that renders this irrelevant?
  8. what was the last mistake i made? how am i avoiding a repeat of the same mistake?
  9. if not this, then what?