Spent the entire day traversing the city alone with no agenda nor sense of direction. Here were some unexpected treasures and moments of whimsy!
  1. This is their answer to NYC's garment district: Datong 👔👘👗
  2. A tree was depositing these fanciful flowers all over the ground outside a temple on the river
  3. Pedestrians can walk on parts of Taipei Bridge (watch out for motorbikes) 🏍🚸
  4. Colorful signs everywhere you look
  5. This school decorated its perimeter with yellow paper lanterns, like a backyard BBQ all season long 🏮🏮
  6. Businesses burn special prayer papers in metal canisters outside of their shops. A local told me they are wishing and praying to the gods of prosperity for business to be strong, that day and always. 🔥🙏🏼
  7. Doors to another land
  8. Hidden rainbow room below street level (under construction ⚠️)
  9. Woolloomooloo, an Australian cafe/bar/restaurant in Xinyi district with strong coffee and a delicious pumpkin frittata with prawn. Free copies of design-forward magazines such as Monocle to read through at your leisure. 📗🐨
  10. The Taipei Dome, still under construction, provides stark contrast to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial landmark. They were having a tai chi tournament, and a handmade market. It started to drizzle, as it has most every afternoon since I got here last week. ⛩
  11. I spotted a pink box and knew this had to be close...the first international location of Portland's beloved Voodoo Doughnut!
  12. I got the strawberry blossom and found it to be disgusting! Sorry, I tried! 🍩🍩
  13. Should have tried the Portland Cream, the official City of Portland Doughnut, as declared by Mayor Tom Potter, some time on or after May 30, 2008 🎖
  14. The lake at Songshan Cultural Park has the best reflected view of the cityscape 🌃
  15. They were having a holiday craft fair and market inside the restored warehouses of Songshan. 'Jolene' played in the background and I knew I was in the right place at the right time.
  16. And a massive art exhibit with free entrance 🌀
  17. 👁🗯👁‍🗨👁👁‍🗨🗯👁
  18. An ode to the creative process and movement, and the tools that make it possible (not pictured on far left: iPod Nano) 🎨🔨📓🖍📝
  19. I stopped into Eslite Spectrum, the sleek behemoth bookstore/shopping center/cultural mecca inside Songshan. Shelves and tables full of Chinese titles and I still managed to find the one book I was looking for (thanks, @ryanluikens!), in English, without any help from a person nor computer!
  20. Slightly 80s Miami style, but I liked this. Taipei 101 meeping through the trees. 🌴
  21. With all the maniacal motorists whizzing through the streets and alleyways, I'm relieved stores like this exist to keep the bikers safe AND chic! ✨
  22. First time I ever went in a fab cafe, where you hang out, drink coffee/tea, and personally fabricate anything using their tools (laser cutter, 3D printers, 3Doodler) for low fees. This one is in Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Came as huge relief not only because this stuff is right up my alley but also b/c I was lost until I recognized this park. 🛠
  23. Jennifer Lawrence is as big here as back home, a surprise to no one 🎬
  24. Good night, Taipei! ❤️💛💚💙💜