For 3 different reasons
  1. Anti-Christ
    Here are some words you will never be able to unread: the main character cuts into her clitoris with a pair of rusty scissors. I had to watch that! I've been a different person ever since and I will NEVER forgive Lars Von Trier (even though I did enjoy Melancholia).
  2. Dear Zachary
    If you ever want to hate the world for a solid week, watch this. Even the most hardened and cynical people I know were foetal by the time this movie was done with them. For days after I watched it, people were asking me what was wrong just because I couldn't stop looking so sad.
  3. Sex and the City 2
    This was a solid waste of my time and energy. What a throbbing piece of garbage this film was. Racist and misogynistic to boot. It still makes me angry that this was made and that ANYONE had to see it.