Not from the musical episode. There will be another list for that.
  1. American Girl by Tom Petty
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    From 'My Own American Girl'. This always gives me chills. Yass, Elliot! Go get it!
  2. Ever Fallen in Love by The Buzzcocks
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    From 'My Bed Banter & Beyond'. Elliot and JD make some great musical moments and this one (plus this song) is perfect to describe the frenzied lust of new love.
  3. If I Had a Million Dollars by The Barenaked Ladies
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    From 'My Fruit Cups'. Perfectly showing the silliness of Scrubs by matching a literal song to the pictures.
  4. Alive with the Glory of Love by Say Anything
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    From 'My Point of No Return'. Another Elliot and JD moment. These two... Meant for each other.
  5. Overkill by Colin Hay
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    From 'My Overkill'. A seminal Scrubs moment. And delivers big laughs while still telling a serious story.