Real life missed connections from my real life

  1. We kissed at a house party when I was 16 and then you moved to France
    At least that's what you told me. You had dark hair and green eyes and a tattoo of a bass clef on your ankle. I'm still low key certain we're meant to be. Get in touch.
  2. You were the kind airport security guard
    in Toronto who let me go further than I was allowed to say goodbye to my mum. We had a brief chat. I'd love to take you for coffee.
  3. You stopped me on the street to compliment my jacket
    You got my number but my phone broke the next day and we had no other way to get in touch. I'll wait for you Tuesday night where we first met.
  4. We met in the mosh pit and you took me to White Castle to get burgers at 2am
    I know you were engaged but if that breaks down, you know where to find me.
  5. You were the teacher's assistant to my third grade class
    It would have been way weird then, but I'm grown up now.
  6. On the 426 bus route today in a green plaid shirt
    Niiiiice. Call me.