Teenage phrases I like but probably shouldn't use in adult situations

I'm getting too old for this shit
  1. Low key
    "I'm low key excited about the interest rate drop but I'll never be able to afford a house in this market anyway"
  2. AF
    "Ugh only two drinks and I'm hungover as fuck... I mean A F"
  3. Sounds fake but ok
    Female colleague: "I asked for a pay rise and they gave it to me! Now I earn the same as my male counterpart!" Me: "Sounds fake but ok"
  4. Can't even
    Me to my small child who wakes me for the 4th night in a row at 3am: "Go away! I can't even with you."
  5. Woke
    "She lived the way she died. Bright eyes and aware. Now she will be forever woke. Even if she looks like she's sleeping."