By a girl on Tinder
  1. The first photo should be only of you.
    Don't make me guess which one you are. That requires effort. I'm not using Tinder because I want to exert effort.
  2. Use high res pictures.
    If you don't know how to use high res pictures, I don't want to date you.
  3. If you post group shots, make sure it's with your not-as-good-looking friends.
    Make yourself look like the best in your group. Why not?
  4. Don't post a picture with a baby then tell me it's not yours.
    Seriously, just don't post it.
  5. Do post pictures with a dog.
    Trust me, that works.
  6. Don't post pictures with other girls.
    Do you not get how Tinder works, dude?
  7. Post your height.
    Yes it's lame but it helps us all out.
  8. Send a first message that gives a girl something to respond to.
    Take something from her profile and start there. You've got to be incredibly hot to just say 'Hi' and expect a reply.
  9. Don't put women down in your profile.
    Making fun of anyone else in your Tinder profile is a huge turn off. Really? You need to say it in that space too?
  10. Girls aren't going to message first.
    Unless it's a bot. It's just how the game works.