Don't fence me in.
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    Freedom to Express Myself
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    In this photo, my sister has just graduated high school, we are having a party in her honor, and she has just been gifted with a large sum of money. I am expressing extreme jealousy, sadness, and silent rage at her good fortune. I am also probably hoping someone asks me "what's the matter," but they don't.
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    Multiple Freedoms
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    Classic me: feeling the freedom to be a cheerleader, AND be in the marching band, AND play an instrument I found in a closet at the school (GLOCKENSPIEL!) for which my dad built me a harness, for which I refused to look at a single piece of music and insisted I could PLAY BY EAR and DEAR G-D THEY LET ME. Oh, also, freedom to have a perm. πŸ’…πŸ»
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    Hair Freedom
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    This picture was taken on rainy Ohio night in December 2014, at a hole-in-the-wall kind of joint that still has a jukebox. The only other people there were the bartender and my friend Corey, who was sick and needed some serious holiday cheer. This photo is now the unofficial cover for my nonexistent alt-country band and I am not at all grossed out that my hair was on this floor, because I was out of my mind with a happiness I can still feel to this day. 'MURICA! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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    "Dance Like No One's Watching" Freedom
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    Presented without comment.
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    Freedom of Low-Hanging Fruit
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    There was almost an entire King Cake going begging after this Mardi Gras Ball, and I felt the freedom to take it with me when I left. I also took a whole pan of jambalaya but that makes me sound tacky so forget I mentioned it.
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    Historical/Patriotic Accessory Freedom
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    Obviously feeling the freedom to celebrate America AND Abraham Lincoln here. Later this same day, I totally dominated in a tricycle race: proof that freedom is, in fact, more than a feeling.