My mom taught me this classic tune when I was a little girl—and since it's her birthday, I'm going to go ahead and sing it for you now. *clears throat* 🎙
  1. I'll take the legs from some old table,
    E524cd84 488f 428f 8485 c7db6344078a
  2. I'll take the arms from some old chair,
    Be2a2bdc 711d 45d2 a3d2 c1b38067de9a
  3. I'll take a neck from some old bottle,
    39135d93 205b 46a5 8260 ac88802e497f
  4. And from a horse I'll take the hair.
    5700820a dab7 4339 b3b7 ee382c31cd48
  5. I'll take the hands and face from some old clock,
    312ceca0 427c 4ae4 9d32 45a2e799d4df
  6. And baby when I'm through-
  7. I'll get more lovin'
  8. From that dumb-dumb-dummy
    5ab1572b 70c2 45bb 972b 08246285a6da
  9. Than I ever got from you.
    738c2238 db77 4d31 9710 8d5403c61e15
    I'll be here all week.