It's been over a month since my trip--enough time for me to finish this list and also realize that my regular life is fairly boring.
  1. 31.
    The Seas with Nemo and Friends
    (Epcot) A cute way to break myself in after a really big dinner at Biergarten.
  2. 30.
    Triceratops Spin
    (Animal Kingdom) Nauseating, but I'll ride anything.
  3. 29.
    Goofy's Barnstormer
    (Magic Kingdom) I love the idea of this. Very charming, but it's too short. Ride only if you don't have to wait.
  4. 28.
    Tomorrowland Speedway
    (MK) Your classic car "driving" ride.
  5. 27.
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    (MK) I know this is a big favorite for many people, but I didn't love it. Lots of hype and build-up, though. Like, waiting in the line, I felt like it was gonna be good.
  6. 26.
    Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
    (MK) Funny, clever, audience participation. Also a nice rest from walking, standing in line, etc. Pro tip: have your jokes ready to send in via text-message and they just might use them in the show!
  7. 25.
    Journey Under the Sea
    (MK) Nostalgia factor was 💯
  8. 24.
    Tom Sawyer Island
    (MK) Bonus points because CAVES. Plus, lots of running-around opportunities. We spent about 45 minutes playing here.
  9. 23.
    Star Tours
    (Hollywood Studios) the ride is fun, but the best part was meeting the characters. Also, right before I took this picture, Darth Vader elbowed me and I'm not even mad about it.
  10. 22.
    Primeval Whirl
    (AK) Like a classic Mousetrap ride, except...primeval.
  11. 21.
    (MK) It's a carousel. But, it's a carousel at Disney.
  12. 20.
    (MK) Classic. Must-do. Look how happy we are.
  13. 19.
    Enchanted Tales with Belle
    (MK) This was our last "ride." Very #magical.
  14. 18.
    Test Track
    (E) You "design" a car, then "take it for a spin" on a test track/crash course. Ignore the fact that everyone's car looks the same, because the end of this ride is super-fast and thrilling! 🔥
  15. 17.
    Pirates of the Carribean
    (MK) Another iconic boat ride that is just as good as you remember it was, only now it exits through the gift shop where you can buy a cool hat like the one my dad tried on.
  16. 16.
    (MK) So fun, and this time I didn't pee my pants!
  17. 15.
    Haunted Mansion
    (MK) Classic. Must-do. We call this "Disney-Scary."
  18. 14.
    The Great Movie Ride
    (HS) Very entertaining look at movie trends, makes you want to watch movies. So, 👍
  19. 13.
    Small World
    (MK) This ride goes on and on (as does the song), and as my mother says, "what they should REALLY do, is get all the world leaders, stick them in this boat, and not let them off until they learn to get along." I agree, but I also love animatronics so this is a must-do for me.
  20. 12.
    Toy Story Midway Mania
    (HS) We rode this twice because my mom is super competitive. It's so fun and plus maybe you'll get to meet Buzz outside! Or a green army man!
  21. 11.
    Spaceship Earth
    (E) I have a weakness for slow-moving, corny rides, okay?
  22. 10.
    Rock N' Roller Coaster
    (HS) INTENSE. Fast, loud, and lots of fun.
  23. 9.
    Space Mountain
    (MK) We rode this four times because YOLO. Also please note my hands on my daughter's face. Who does that?
  24. 8.
    Tower of Terror
    (HS) A great experience, from start to finish.
  25. 7.
    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    (MK) We rode this twice. I think it's super-special. Especially at night!
  26. 6.
    Festival of the Lion King
    (AK) An amazing show. Audience participation🙌🏼
  27. 5.
    Peter Pan's Flight
    (MK) Flying over Neverland...I loved everything about this. So did Walt.
  28. 4.
    Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
    (MK) I would gladly sell all of my possessions and live here.
  29. 3.
    Kilamanjaro Safari
    (AK) ANIMALS!!!
  30. 2.
    Expedition Everest
    (AK) Presented without comment. No seriously, this ride is SCARY AND EXCITING and I would ride it every day if possible.
  31. 1.
    Splash Mountain
    (MK) Really the best ride in the park. It's a classic log flume ride but with lots of extras: fun and kitschy animatronics, it's LONG (almost 15 minutes!), and has a BIG drop at the end. I didn't get super wet, but my dad did lose his hat.