Inspired by @DG and @Grosstastic and @kcupcaker and everyone on 🌍
  1. Hi, friends, my name is Allison and this is me in an upscale portable bathroom.
    This also happens to be my brand: "Classy Port-A-John"
  2. Born and raised in the Midwest, I'm a thirtysomething mama splitting my time between my childhood home in Ohio and my part-time home in the swamp.
  3. People tell me I smell good.
  4. I found in October 2015 and immediately recognized it as a truly awesome something that had been missing from my life. People here were and continue to be kind, creative, and real.
  5. I've even forged some relationships outside the app...amazing friends I talk to a few times a week and will probably meet in the flesh real soon! @sally
    How did you meet? Oh, you know, @dev and @bjnovak introduced us. 💅🏻
  6. What do I write about? Everything! Relationships. Kids. Jobs. Goats. The time I exacted revenge on someone by eating the insides of their sandwich and then putting it back in the fridge.
    How to recreate my genius methods here: LIST APP CONFESSIONAL: I'M NOT AS NICE AS YOU THINK I AM
  7. What I don't write about: my love life. Yet. And I don't really have the words to explain why. I guess you could say I'm a little tender.
  8. One more thing: My kid is sick sometimes and so a few of my lists have been and will continue to be about this experience. Do not be alarmed.
    Here I am making it rain postcards he'd received from the hospital messaging system. I'm really good at entertaining myself.
  9. So, that's me. But the best thing about is you! Your experiences, solutions, recollections, and recommendations are what make this the first app I check in the morning.
    Seriously. Some guy sent me a message a few months ago asking why I didn't post to Facebook anymore. For your reference, this is the same guy who asked me if I wanted to go on a mozzarella cheese sticks date at Applebee's. He is also the age of my parents. And married. 👀
  10. Anyway—-welcome new users! I'm really glad you're here.
  11. In my life, a few people have said that what they like most about me is the way I make them feel. I hope I make you feel good in this space.