Just a few moments from 2015 when I stopped caring about what anyone else thought. Motivated by Draftmas Cheerleader @aprilkquioh and inspired by Chris "I Don't Care What People Think" Kubica @ChrisK.
  1. When I got super excited at a Mardi Gras parade--because it's okay to have fun, you know.
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  2. When I wasn't embarrassed to wear a swimsuit because I am no longer apologizing for any of this. ⬆️ Also, p.s. I DO reserve the right to suddenly become incredibly insecure again for no apparent reason. Just know that I have set the bar at self-acceptance.
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    Also: it's OKAY to wear a belt with your swimsuit!
  3. When my son's principal gave me this dress to wear when I volunteered for Medieval Day and instead of just going along with it and feeling exposed, I politely declined and wore regular clothes. ANNOUNCEMENT: just because I SOMETIMES wear low-cut tops, doesn't mean you get to decide that's my uniform. 😡
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  4. When I bought two coffees and they were both for me.
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  5. When I went full retro for no reason other than my own happiness. Which happens to be reason enough.
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  6. When I didn't feel like being social at the pool and kept my hat and glasses on.
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  7. When I came clean about just how much I love the Kenny Loggins song "Celebrate Me Home."
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  8. When you didn't want me to go and I went anyway.
  9. When I survived nine days in the hospital with my kid with nothing except @clairewentthere's Netflix password & I didn't just do a good job, I did a great job, I took care of him even when my heart was breaking & my credit card was declined at the cafeteria & I cried alone in a booth because I didn't think I could do it...
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    until I realized I was ALREADY DOING IT. Then I laughed and went back up to the 12th floor and KEPT ON doing it.💪