Wherein my children and I embark on a multi-state encouragement campaign--because sometimes, the right words at the right time are worth all the money in the world.
  1. When you're a kid, the idea of "giving back" can seem a little abstract. When I read about the @list challenge, I was inspired--but knew we'd have to get creative, since we'd be traveling.
  2. Also, my kids help out fairly often at the food bank my parents organize--and while that's been a great experience, I wanted their "give-back" to be completely...theirs.
    Seriously, though: my dad ⬆️❤️
  3. The requirements? Our project had to be portable, it had to be something in which we could all participate, and it had to be from the heart. Sharpies and Post-Its FTW--Operation ❤️ Note is born.
  4. Airports are hard places, so we got started right away.
    Check-In Kiosk
  5. We stuck our sentiments anywhere they were sure to be found.
    Women's Restroom--Columbus, OH
  6. We made more on the plane--working through turbulence, a spilled drink, and a very touch-and- go "markers stuck under the seat" situation.
  7. We had fun putting them in unexpected spots.
    In-Flight Magazine
  8. We each had different ideas of what someone might need to hear. We talked about all the feels people experience when they travel, and where they might be going.
    Another bathroom, another airport
  9. Sometimes people are afraid.
    Airplane Window--behind the shade
  10. Sometimes they feel alone.
    On the back of a Snapple bottle, Ft. Lauderdale Airport.
  11. I don't know about you, but I sometimes need a reminder...
    Airport Charging Station, Ft. Lauderdale
  12. That I'm lovable....
    Arrival/Departure Monitors, Ft. Lauderdale
  13. That I'm cute...
    Behind the tray table on the airplane
  14. That my eyebrows are so on fleek.
    Women's Restroom, Louis Armstrong Airport
  15. Just imagine: there are some people out there who don't ever hear these sweet words. People who need to hear them, RIGHT NOW.
    NOLA Airport Courtesy Phone
  16. These notes are for them. And for you.
    Elevator, Louisiana
  17. If you don't have Post-Its, write it on the back of your grocery store receipt. On the mirror in lipstick. Or call someone up and say it. Words are a gift. Gifts are beautiful. YOU are beautiful.
    Parking Garage Exit
  18. xo
    Thanks, @list ❤️