1. A couple days ago, @mlb published a list in which she attempted to reassure the people of @list that @ChrisK is alive and well.
  2. And sure, it was pretty convincing.
  3. Don't be fooled, though. Because the truth is: Chris Kubica NEVER EXISTED. It was me all along.
  4. Maggie was so sweet not to blow my cover, editing those photos of Chris to make it seem like the two of them had been enjoying breakfast in some quaint cafe...
  5. But I'm sure you could tell from the amateurish photo editing/hack job that she had simply pasted his picture over mine.
    A+ for effort, Mags.
  6. And by "his picture," I mean the likeness I carefully crafted for you all to enjoy. Because he doesn't exist, remember? It's me. It was always me.
    Don't cry, shopgirl.
  7. It is me who you loved.
  8. It is me whose absence you feel so profoundly, whose silence causes you to grieve openly, in list form.
  9. And yes, it was me and @bjnovak who had lunch and talked about List App. Except we didn't go to SoHo whatever it's called, we went to Disneyland and had turkey legs. B.J. bought me these ears and said I could use whatever filter I wanted on this photo. He is just the sweetest!
  10. Sidenote: I have no idea how the Book-O-Ganza happened.
  11. But I can tell you that SECRET SANTA WAS A REAL PAIN IN THE A$$
  12. Anyway, there it is. The truth. Now we move on. I realize it will take some time to regain your trust. But, until then, follow your List App dreams. Find your inner Kubica. Or forget him. Keep making lists, though. You all have so much to say.
  13. p.s. I am also Banksy.