Get in my pocket, @list
  1. I never thought I'd be the kind of grown-up person who'd wear mouse ears to Disney World.
  2. Or cry during the light show.
  3. Or wait enthusiastically in lines to meet princesses and giant marshmallowy robots.
  4. But I was probably--no--DEFINITELY wrong.
  5. Because I wore my ears again today.
  6. And rode Space Mountain three times.
  7. And took the ferry-ride home because it was prettier.
  8. I guess what I'm saying is, negative people find their walls.
  9. And if I could tell you anything, it would be this:
  10. "Have fun, it's later than you think."
  11. Your fun doesn't have to involve a mouse or roller coasters.
  12. Just do your thing and do it enthusiastically.
  13. Another option: do your kids' thing enthusiastically (shown here), and become a hero.
  14. Just remember: you don't always have to be The Heavy.
  15. ❤️
  16. Also, I am wearing a Hakuna Matata sweatshirt to Animal Kingdom tomorrow.
  17. And I am not here to apologize for it.
  18. xoxoxoxo