You decide.
  1. Too many signs, all poorly worded.😦
  2. Is located approximately 10-12 stories underground. 😯
  3. Can only be accessed via a harrowing death spiral you must follow until you are either one with the earth's core, or you vomit, whichever happens first. 😨
  4. Bad decor. Like, enormous, contemporary art murals that aim to be "playful" but just make you feel bad about your situation. A human woman, but with the head of a cat, holding a child who is clearly dead? I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. 😰
  5. Operates On a Mystical Payment System: You receive a yellow plastic token; no further instructions are given other than signs admonishing you to "HOLD ON TO YOUR TOKEN! DO NOT LOSE YOUR TOKEN!" But for how long? How will I know? Does the token become a ticket? Does the ticket become a magic bean? Does money ever change hands? AM I EVEN ON EARTH? 😱