every last one
  1. I grew this for you.
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  2. I did!
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  3. I didn't know it at the time--
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  4. I thought I was just...working.
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  5. Creating-
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  6. For no one in particular.
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  7. Making beautiful things,
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  8. Hoping people would buy them.
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  9. Now, though, I understand
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  10. What winter is like,
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  11. With no warm greenhouse to visit.
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  12. No promise that, even though the world is blanketed in white,
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  13. that things are happening. Deep down.
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  14. That more will be revealed.
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  15. So, today...if you are lonely. Cold.
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  16. If the post-holiday melancholy has tightened its grip...
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  17. Look at these pictures, and remember:
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  18. After every Winter,
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  19. There
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  20. Is
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  21. A
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  22. Spring.
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  23. .
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    May I also suggest a terrarium?