every last one
  1. I grew this for you.
  2. I did!
  3. I didn't know it at the time--
  4. I thought I was just...working.
  5. Creating-
  6. For no one in particular.
  7. Making beautiful things,
  8. Hoping people would buy them.
  9. Now, though, I understand
  10. What winter is like,
  11. With no warm greenhouse to visit.
  12. No promise that, even though the world is blanketed in white,
  13. that things are happening. Deep down.
  14. That more will be revealed.
  15. So, today...if you are lonely. Cold.
  16. If the post-holiday melancholy has tightened its grip...
  17. Look at these pictures, and remember:
  18. After every Winter,
  19. There
  20. Is
  21. A
  22. Spring.
  23. .
    May I also suggest a terrarium?