Inspired by @aidybryant 👯 Alternate Title = I've Got Your Christmas Miracle Right Here
  1. I had just given birth to my little girl.
    My parents drove from Ohio to help me get settled and, of course, mug on their granddaughter.
  2. At some point during their trip, I misplaced my wallet.
    It was bright orange leather, you couldn't miss it.
  3. I looked everywhere, even in a giant dumpster.
  4. It was gone, though.
    I called and cancelled my cards, and let go of what couldn't be replaced. My lucky fortune! My frequent buyer cards I never used but maintained the fantasy that I someday would! 💔
  5. Weeks went by, until one day, I received a phone call from my mom.
    She had some big news.
  6. Back in Ohio, the strangest thing had happened.
    She and my dad were driving through the snow on a country road near my house. They crossed over the railroad tracks by the old Carter Lumber, the ones you can take really fast...
  7. Their car caught a little air.
    And when it came down and hit the pavement, my mom noticed something in her peripheral vision. She told my dad to pull over and go back, because she thought something had fallen off the car.
  8. He said no.
    Typical . But, she insisted. So he turned around, and headed back to the spot, sighing the entire time. He stepped out of the car and into the freezing cold.
  9. And there, in a snowdrift,
    Was my orange wallet.
  10. I had put it on top of their minivan one day while trying to get my daughter buckled in her car seat.
    Of course, I didn't remember this.
  11. The wallet had traveled:
    All over Atlanta, the entire way back to Central Ohio, across my hometown for various errands and grocery store trips, including multiple times over those very same railroad tracks. It had even spent a few days at an auto body shop while the minivan got a tuneup.
  12. But it had stayed, wedged underneath the luggage rack.
    Until the exact moment my mom would be looking out the window at the beautiful barren fields, watching the world go by. When she would see the flash of orange against the gray Ohio sky, and know that even though it was a long shot...