1. Please go back to school 🙏🏼
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  2. I logged so many miles with you these last two weeks--3500 to be exact.
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  3. But now I'm ready for some alone time.
  4. Your stilt-walking has started to unnerve me.
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  5. And no, you don't need my help reorganizing your room. Your room looks fine.
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  6. Have you seen the rest of our home?
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  7. Don't you think the tree should come down?
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  8. Here's an idea. Let's just sit on the couch and not move. Together. Because every time I move, you are reminded of my presence, which then reminds you of that thing you wanted me to do for you.
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  9. I have some things I'd like done for me. They all begin with getting out of this outfit.
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  10. And end with this pose:
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  11. But first you need to go back to school.
  12. I love you.