1. Please go back to school 🙏🏼
  2. I logged so many miles with you these last two weeks--3500 to be exact.
  3. But now I'm ready for some alone time.
  4. Your stilt-walking has started to unnerve me.
  5. And no, you don't need my help reorganizing your room. Your room looks fine.
  6. Have you seen the rest of our home?
  7. Don't you think the tree should come down?
  8. Here's an idea. Let's just sit on the couch and not move. Together. Because every time I move, you are reminded of my presence, which then reminds you of that thing you wanted me to do for you.
  9. I have some things I'd like done for me. They all begin with getting out of this outfit.
  10. And end with this pose:
  11. But first you need to go back to school.
  12. I love you.